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JDBC Connections

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This page contains information for SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with Ready! API.
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Overview - JDBC Connection Panel


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Project editor toolbar Overall control of the Project
2_snag_evi JDBC connection toolbar Control over JDBC connections
3_snag_evi Connection name Unique connection identifier
4_snag_evi Driver Driver used for establishing the connection
5_snag_evi Connection string Connection string used for establishing the connection


JDBC Connection Toolbar


  Option Description
add_property Add Adds new connection
remove_property Remove Removes selected connection
configure-dbconnection Configure Configures connection properties
run Test Tests the database connection



Database Configuration Panel


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Test connection Button for testing database connection
2_snag_evi Driver Driver from the supplied list of templates in a form Unique connection identifier/ Driver class
3_snag_evi Host Host property to supply for the connection
4_snag_evi Port Port property to supply for the connection
5_snag_evi User User name property to supply for the connection
6_snag_evi Password Password property to supply for the connection
7_snag_evi Database Database name property to supply for the connection
8_snag_evi Clear properties Clear properties button for removing all the inserted properties values

Testing the connection