SoapUI Plugin Manager

NOTE: Plugin manager is only available in SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with Ready API. To try using plugins, feel free to download a ReadyAPI trial from our website.

Plugin Manager

Looking for old style plugins? See here: Deprecated Plugins

Looking for background on new plugins? See here: Extension Plugins

Plugin Manager

ReadyAPI  comes with a Plugin Manager feature which allows you to easily add and remove plugins from the user interface, without having to worry about placing things in the proper folder, or configuration files manually.

The plugin manager contains a PluginLoader that loads plugins into their own ClassLoader. This means that plugins can have 3rd party dependencies that don't interfere with collide with other plugins or SoapUI itself.
The Plugin manager lets you install, remove and manage your SoapUI extension plugins.

Plugin Browser

The Plugin manager consists of two parts: the Plugin Browser where you manage your plugins, and the Plugin Repository - where you can access the online storage for SoapUI plugins.

Note: Plugins are stored in a folder named plugins in the .soapui folder inside your user folder. (For example in Windows: C:\Users\soapuiuser\.soapui\plugins). If several users want to use the same plugin, they each need to install their own copy.

Open Plugin Manager

To access the Plugin manager, open the File menu and select "Plugin Manager"

File Menu

The plugin browser opens as a separate window.