Point and Click with JSON

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JSON Wizard

NOTE: In this guide you'll learn how to leverage Point and Click Testing in SoapUI Pro. This feature is only available in standalone SoapUI Pro that has been superseded by SoapUI Pro in the ReadyAPI platform.
You should download a SoapUI Pro trial before starting, if you don't have it.

JSON Wizard

In ReadyAPI creation of an JSON statement is extremely easy; the top left button in the JSON Match configuration dialog opens a dialog that allows you to select the desired target node for the JSON expression, which will then be created automatically for you.



(Clicking OK in the dialog inserts the selected JSON statement into the editor field)

ReadyAPI also adds a number of wizards to the right-click popup menu of outline view of the response message; right-clicking the node you want to assert in the outline view opens the following popup:


The first four options here all create preconfigured JSON assertions for you, for example selecting the "for Existence" option creates the following JSON Assertion;


If we instead had selected the "for Content matching RegEx" option, we would first have been prompted for a regular expression that should be used to validate the selected node;


here we specified the .\d regular expression which matches just numbers (see this page for a regex reference), after clicking OK we get