Security Test Reference

Security Test Window Reference


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Security Test Toolbar Actions for running, stopping, credentials, end point, settings and reporting.
2_snag_evi Security Test Progress Bar Show Security Test run progress and execution status.
3_snag_evi Alert Number Sum of all alerts in Security Test
4_snag_evi Security Scans Toolbar Actions for adding , configuring, removing Security Scans, cloning security parameters and cloning Security Scans.
5_snag_evi Securable Test Step Test Step on which user can add Security Scans
6_snag_evi Test Step Progress Bar Show progress of execution all Security Scans on this Test Step and cumulative status.
7_snag_evi Alert Number Total number of alerts on this Test Step
8_snag_evi Security Scan Progress Bar Show execution status for Security Scan
9_snag_evi Alert Number Total number of alerts for this Security Scan
10_snag_evi Security Scan Security Scan with name and icon
11_snag_evi Non securable Test Step Test that can not have Security Scans
12_snag_evi Description Inspector Security Scan description
13_snag_evi Properties Inspector Security Scan Properties
14_snag_evi Setup Script Security Scan Setup Script
15_snag_evi Teardown Script Security Scan Teardown Script
16_snag_evi Security Log Messages from executing Security Test
17_snag_evi TestCase Log Messages from executing TestCase ( functional test )