Monitor your REST and SOAP APIs for availability, performance and functional correctness with AlertSite.

Watch over your APIs in production, from global locations or from within your network, effortlessly.
Brought to you by the same people behind the #1 API testing tool in the world – SoapUI, AlertSite is a synthetic monitoring tool for web, mobile, SaaS applications and the underlying APIs.

Reuse your functional tests: Take your API testing to the next level

You tested your REST and SOAP APIs for functionality, load and security. Now see if your APIs stay available and functional in production. AlertSite helps you continually test your APIs and the applications they are being used in over global vantage points or behind your firewall

  • No need to create new scripts. Reuse your SoapUI test project to create API monitors.
  • Not just monitor the API endpoint, but the entire functionality as you import the SoapUI project to AlertSite.
  • Monitor the applications that use the APIs in the same interface; correlate, measure and improve API performance.

Ensure Complete API quality: Globally and behind your firewall

Not all APIs are created equally. Then why monitor them the same way? For internal, partner or public APIs, just checking the endpoint responsiveness is not enough.  AlertSite enables you to easily create deep API monitors with just few clicks.

  • Check if the API is up and running, performing within the desired threshold and returning right data at the right place.
  • Check if the API tests can be validated from neutral vantage points around the world – where your end customers are located.
  • See your APIs through 3 critical lenses of API quality - availability, performance and functional correctness.

Hold your API vendor accountable: Evaluate API vendors

You may not be developing APIs internally, but it is highly likely that you are testing the external APIs you consume. What happens to your business if they are unavailable, slow or incorrect? Poorly performing APIs break your applications and make your users suffer.

  • Ensure the performance of the APIs you consume by proactively monitoring them for endpoint availability and speed.
  • Hold your vendor accountable and negotiate better Service Level Agreements.

Free API monitoring – on us!

  • AlertSite is brought to you by the same people who make the most popular API testing tool in the world – SoapUI. To help you get started with API monitoring, we are giving away 3 free API monitors to all SoapUI users.
  • Simply enable the AlertSite plugin, sign in and start monitoring your APIs along with assertions and test requests.

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