Reuse SoapUI Test Cases to Monitor APIs

Validate Availability, Speed, and Functional Correctness
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Know if Your API is Down, Slow, or Isn't Functioning Properly.

AlertSite empowers you to get real-time insights into your API behavior, so you can find and fix problems before your customers encounter them. Watch over your APIs from global locations or from behind the firewall, effortlessly.

  • Real-time intelligent alerting for when an API is down, slow, or returning the wrong data

  • Actionable, contextual API performance insights

  • Global network of 350+ monitoring nodes 

  • Monitor SLAs for APIs you provide or consume  

Verify API Payloads Return the Right Information

API Monitors send one or more HTTP requests to an API and checks the response time, status and response contents. For each step (request), you can define assertions to verify the response data. You can also define variables to extract data from responses and use it in subsequent requests.

Accelerate MTTR with Targeted, Lightning Fast Alerts

  • Be the first to know about API issues with alerts sent directly from the monitoring nodes

  • Get instant actionable insights to isolate the root cause and reduce downtime

  • Engage subject matter experts right away by using our advanced customizations, targeting, and routing.

Monitor Creation and Debugging Made Easy

API monitors can be instantly created by or uploading a ReadyAPI or SoapUI project, right from the SoapUI Pro/ReadyAPI Platform or even by reusing OpenAPI (Swagger) definitions . When problems do occur, debugging becomes a fast and seamless process since AlertSite will send step-level error details, easily identified in the projects or definition files. 

AlertSite is Trusted by Top Companies to Ensure 100% API Performance


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