Free, One Hour Video Training Courses on SoapUI

Our team of experts has put together these resources to help you get started with SoapUI. Each video covers the basics of how to get started with the free tool, and then reveals how you can take API quality to the next level by leveraging the ReadyAPI toolset for professional-level functional testing, load testing, virtualization, and monitoring.

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API Functional Testing

Get started with the basics of testing your REST and SOAP APIs in SoapUI. We'll also show you how to elevate your testing with ReadyAPI.

You'll learn:

  • Importing your APIs
  • Structuring your tests
  • Validating your responses
  • Advanced testing with ReadyAPI

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API Load Testing

Once you've successfully mastered functional testing, learn how to test the performance of your API in SoapUI & take it to the next level with ReadyAPI.

You'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of load testing your API
  • Creating a load test from a SoapUI TestCase
  • Load testing strategies like 'Baseline' and 'Soak'
  • Setting up the right validations for your load tests using assertions

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API Mocking & Virtualization

Learn how to create mocks in SoapUI. We'll also teach you a little bit about API virtualization, which we call "mocking on steroids," with ReadyAPI.

You'll learn how to:

  • Remove dependencies across teams with mocking
  • Control API conditions with predictable and manageable test responses
  • Overcome API rate limits, downtime or throttling
  • Put your mocks on steroids by virtualizing

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API Monitoring

This is free, one-hour class covers the basics of API Monitoring using SoapUI, and explains how you can take monitoring to the next level with AlertSite.

You'll learn:

  • Explore a journey through an API
  • Create an API Test Case and assert for correctness
  • Upload and configure API Monitor
  • Determine how API failures are presented in the AlertSite console

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