The World of API Testing

APIs have seen a tremendous growth in the last couple of years. While API’s aren’t exactly a new phenomenon (internal APIs have been used for computer-to-computer interaction since the 90’s) they have seen a tremendous growth these last few years. With the evolution of the Web into what many refer to as The Programmable Web the need for higher interconnectivity between apps is at an all time high, and continues to grow. We are now entering what we call The Golden Age of APIs.

This Dojo section, “The World of API Testing”, aims at giving you insight into the domain of APIs, Testing, and specifically API Testing. Covering everything from basic concepts like why test in the first place?, to more advanced topics like how the DevOps trend affects quality and the QA professional and the state of API security this section should giver you better insight into how API Testing and API quality plays an important role in this Golden Age of APIs.

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