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LoadUI Pro makes load testing accessible to everyone in the team, no scripting required

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LoadUI Pro is an easy to use tool that does not require a background in load testing. It enables creation and execution of tests by anyone in the team. The tool provides pre-configured load testing scenarios that can be easily incorporated for load testing.

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Test Parameters {Data, Tests}

Load testing parameters and scenarios needs to be added manually and managed through scripts.

Enables easy, point and click, addition of load parameters to tests. Parameters are automatically shared between load tests.

Advanced load testing scenarios

No guidance & support for advanced load testing is provided, user needs to be a load testing expert.

Provides easy to incorporate load testing scenarios like ‘Baseline’, ‘Soak’ and many others.

Test Refactoring {Change in tests}

No refactoring capabilities are provided. Every time a new version of API is available, test need to be updated manually.

When your API has a new version, the tool enables comparison of changes and allows selectively including API updates to load tests (Refactor).

Start a trial of LoadUI Pro today to get access to advanced load testing scenarios. Also test like a ‘pro’ by reusing functional tests, generating informative reports and easily refactoring your load tests. If you have already built your tests in SoapUI tests, you can easily import them into LoadUI Pro.


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Quickly and easily load test your API without writing any code. All features are available through a point-and-click interface.

  • Fully-functional 14 day free trial
  • Build load tests from pre-configured templates
  • Easily reuse functional tests as load tests
  • Quickly analyze and report on results