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1. SoapUI: General Questions

1.1. When should I use SoapUI?

Use it when you are developing/discovering Web Service clients or implementations and need a tool to test them interactively and/or create functional and load tests that can be run in a continuous integration environment.

1.1.1. What can't I do with SoapUI?

Some of the more obvious missing features are WSDL authoring WS-Security support. Check out the Future Plans document to see what's missing (for now).

1.1.2. Does SoapUI work with any Web Service technology?

SoapUI is platform agnostic, you can use it for Web Services created with .NET, J2EE, Perl, PHP, etc. The only requirements on your Web Service are that they have a defining WSDL, that they are bound with the SOAP/HTTP binding, and that they do not use SOAP-Encoding (if you want to do validations)

2. SoapUI Usage

2.1. How do I save the changes I make to my projects, requests, TestCases, etc?

SoapUI automatically saves everything on exit. If you want to save your projects without exiting (for example if you want to commit your project file to CVS) use the "Save All" option in the main File menu

2.1.1. I have updated my XML Schema for my service but SoapUI still generates/validates according to the old schema.

SoapUI caches XML schemas when they are first loaded. If you need to force a reload of an interfaces schema either restart SoapUI or use the "Update Definition" action for an interface and just specify the same URL as the current one.

3. Scripting

3.1. What languages are supported?

Groovy and JavaScript

3.1.1. What is Groovy?

It's a scripting language which is very similar to Java. read more here.

3.1.2. Where can I learn Groovy?

Here is an excellent guide to get started if you're a beginner.

3.1.3. How do I know which objects and methods I can use from Groovy?

You need to have a look at the API. It's pretty techical, but once you get your head around it, it will be your scripting bible.

3.1.4. Is there a collection of Tips & Tricks for SoapUI scripts?

Yes, glad you asked! You can find it here.

4. SoapUI Pro licenses

4.1. General issues

4.1.1. SoapUI tells me that my license is corrupted!

Please make sure that you're not giving SoapUI a ZIP-file. If you have a ZIP-file, you need to unzip it first to get your license file.

Also make sure that you are not using a new-style license (a file with a .KEY extension), with an old version of SoapUI (4.0 or older).

4.1.2. I can't get a floating license when I'm currently using a standard license

If you are not able to get a license from a licensing server (by using the Help -> Update license main menu item) when you are currently using a standard license, please make a backup of the .soapui folder in your home folder and then remove the .soapui folder and try again.

4.1.3. I haven't received any license file in my email

Make sure to check your spam folder to verify that it's not stuck in there.

4.2. New-style and old-style licenses

4.2.1. Which SoapUI versions does the new style licenses work with?

Only with 4.5 and later.

4.2.2. Which SoapUI versions does the old style licenses work with?

With v3.x and v4.x

4.2.3. How do I know if I have a new or old-style license?

The old-style licenses have the file extension .LIC, while the new-style licenses have .KEY.

4.2.4. I have a problem with this / I want to know more

Please see the Installing your Licenses article in the documentation.

4.3. License terms - The basics

4.3.1. Where can I find your license agreement?

You can find it here.

4.3.2. How does the usage model for SoapUI Pro look like?

It's pretty easy, the licenses are purchased per machine, per year; one license grants one user the right to use SoapUI Pro for one year on one machine.

4.3.3. Which versions of SoapUI Pro is my license valid for?

All versions.

4.3.4. Can I buy three licenses and use them for all 50 developers in the office?

Yes, if you buy floating licenses. A floating license can be used by anyone, from any computer -- but just one at a time. For example, if you know that SoapUI Pro will never be used by more than 3 users at a time, then you can purchase 3 floating licenses.

4.3.5. Do you have floating licenses?

Yes! We now support floating licenses. This means that you can share your SoapUI Pro licenses across your team using a Licensing Server installed on your network. The Licensing Server will allow as many simultaneous users of SoapUI Pro as licenses you have purchased.

4.4. License Terms - Special cases

4.4.1. I work as a consultant in a test house. I bought a SoapUI Pro license for a job for one of my customers. Is it OK if I use that license performing tests for another customer?

No sorry, that means you’re effectively subletting the license which is against our EULA. You need one license per customer.

4.4.2. Is it OK to put SoapUI Pro on a workstation and let somebody else use it?

No sorry, that is several users. One license, one user, one machine.

4.4.3. Do you have site licenses?

No, in most cases site licenses are not beneficial for the customer. Instead we have extremely generous volume discounts.

4.4.4. Do I have to buy a new license to use the SoapUI (Pro) Maven plugin?


4.4.5. Do I have to buy a new license to use the SoapUI Pro testrunner that is integrated with a Continuous Integration environment (e.g. Jenkins, Hudson, etc) ?


4.5. Renewals and transferring of licenses

4.5.1. Why am I unable to apply my renewal license to SoapUI?

Probably becuase your original license isn't loaded in SoapUI.

To be able to apply a renewal license, your old Pro license needs to be loaded into SoapUI. After you have loaded your old license file (even if it has expired), you can proceed to do the same thing with the renewal license. If you cannot find your original Pro license, please contact support.

4.5.2. How do I transfer a license from one computer to another

For all license transfers please contact our team at or +1 617-684-2600.

5. Floating Licenses

5.1. Which ports need to be opened in a firewall to access the floating license server

The floating license server uses RMI to communicate with the client (SoapUI Pro or loadUI Pro) and requires ports 1099 and 10991 to be opened accordingly.

6. How to get support

6.1. How do I get support?

Support is given to SoapUI Pro customers. Either via the SoapUI Pro support forum, or via the support web form.

6.2. The Pro support forum

6.2.1. I cannot post in the Pro forum although I'm a Pro user.

You should have gotten a username and password for the SoapUI Pro Boards in the same e-mail as your license key. In the case of renewal licenses, no new forum user will be created so you need to refer to the e-mail that you once got your original license with.

6.2.2. But... I cannot find the license e-mail!

Please contact support with an e-mail describing your issue and containing your license details (In SoapUI, click Help and then Show License Details).
Also, make sure to check your spam folder to verify that it's not stuck in there:.

6.3. Is the documentation available as PDF?

No, but all the documentation is freely available online. You can also view any part of the documentation as a pdf by clicking the pdf-icon at the top-left above the article (try it for this one).
The desicion to not have PDF documentation is not final though: If you would like to tell us how a PDF would make your life easier, please do that in this forum thread.

6.4. Is there a SoapUI book?

Yes, this one.