Install New License

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Install New License

Note: This article covers installing a license from file. If you are using floating licenses, see the article Install Floating License instead.

The process of installing a SoapUI license consists of two parts:

A) Installing the license,

B) activating the licese.

Activation can be done either online (from inside SoapUI, or "offline" (via email).

Install License

When starting SoapUI Pro the first time you will be asked to install a license.

Install License Dialog

1: Select the .key file you received from SmartBear.

License File Selected

2: Click OK

You are asked to accept the license agreement.

License Agreement

3a: Select the I accept the terms... option

3c: Click OK to accept the terms

License Activation

Online Activation

If you have a working internet connection, select the “Activate Online” option which will prompt you for detailed user information (this step is skipped for trial and renewal licenses):

This hostname ( should be reachable through your firewall on a secured HTTPS port


Enter your information and press the “Finish” button – you will be prompted on how to connect to our activation server:


Set up your proxy connection if required and press “Finish” – SoapUI Pro will contact our activation server and validate your license and entered information:


If all goes well the following dialog will be shown and SoapUI Pro will be ready for usage.


Offline Activation

Offline activation requires you to send activation information to SmartBear so we can manually activate your license and send an activated license back to you. When selecting offline activation you will be prompted as follows:


Please click on the 'Copy' button above, create a new blank email without signature or any other content, paste the license information that you have copied into the body of the email and send the email to You should receive an email back with an activation key within a few minutes. When you do click on 'Next' button.


You should have received an email after submitting your License Number to If you haven't yet received this email, please allow a couple of minutes for the email message to be delivered.

Also, please check your spam folder in case the email was miscategorized as spam.

Please provide a license activation file that you received as an attachment in the email.


Click OK to start using SoapUI Pro.