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HTTP Monitor

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Soap Monitor Window


Option Description
1_snag_evi Toolbar
Overall control of the Soap Monitor
2_snag_evi Monitor Coverage Tab
Place where you can check Coverage
3_snag_evi Traffic Log Tab Toolbar
control of the traffic Log
4_snag_evi Filter Bar
filters for monitor
5_snag_evi Trafic Log
Trafic Log panel
6_snag_evi Request Tab
Request panel
7_snag_evi Response Tab
Response panel

Monitor Coverage


Option Description
1_snag_evi Monitor Coverage toolbar
control of monitor coverage
2_snag_evi Message Caverage
Message Coverage tree



Option Description
run start monitoring
stop_testcase stop monitoring
preferences-system set monitor options

Traffic Log Toolbar


Option Description
unknown_request creates request from selected messages
testCase adds selected requests to Test Case
mockService adds selected responses to Mock Services
create_empty_method clears all or selected messages from log

Filter Bar


Option Description
Request Host filters request hosts
Target Host filters targets hosts
Interface filters interface
Operation filters by operation

Monitor Coverage Toolbar


Option Description
Enable Coverage
Enables Coverage
create_empty_method resets the coverage table
preferences-system sets coverage options