Conditional Goto

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Overview - Conditional Goto

Looking for an example on how to use Conditional GoTo? See here: Conditional GoTo

Option Description
1_snag_evi Conditions List of conditions in this test step
2_snag_evi Toolbar
3_snag_evi Condition XPath Expression
4_snag_evi Bottom Toolbar
5_snag_evi Log Condition log


Option Description
add_property Add Adds a new condition
clone Copy Copies selected condition
remove_property Remove Removes selected condition
remove_property Rename Renames selected condition


Option Description
declareNs Declare
Declare available response namespaces in condition expression
run_all Run All
Run conditions against the previous response
help-browser Online Help

Bottom Toolbar


Option Description
Target step The step the TestCase will go to if the current condition is true
run Run Runs the current condition against the previous response and shows the result
select_xpath Select XPath Selects the dispatch xpath from the last response

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