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Formerly SoapUI Pro
Automate and fit API testing into your team’s continuous delivery pipeline with the next generation tool built for validation of REST, SOAP, GraphQL, microservices, and other back-end services.
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For developers and testers looking to accelerate their ability to deliver REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs. SoapUI Open Source is the simplest and easiest way to begin your API testing journey.
Just getting started with SoapUI or API testing? We’ve put together a list of resources to help you get started with the world’s most popular API testing tool.

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Software teams looking to increase API quality, automation, and integration choose ReadyAPI over SoapUI OS for intuitive, powerful API test automation

SoapUI Open Source

For individuals and users working on a single machine in one environment

Supports REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and JMS protocols


For small to enterprise teams working across internal, staging and production environments

Supports REST, SOAP, GraphQL, JMS, XML-RPC, MQTT, and other protocols and collections

SoapUI Open Source

Run multiple API tests using Groovy or Javascript code via scripting

Data driven testing not available

Test Refactoring done manually


Build complex codeless test assertions in a few clicks

Connect your tests to data from excel, csv, databases and other data sources to enhance test coverage

Automatically updates requests/test steps in your project so they match an updated specification

SoapUI Open Source

Use test logs to manually compare results


Generate reports in multiple formats (PDF, Junit Style, XML, CVS and Allure)

Easily compare results from multiple test runs in dashboard so you can track improvements, degradations in testing and see trends

SoapUI Open Source

No native SDLC Integrations


Integrate with Jenkins, TeamCity, or Azure DevOps using our native plug-ins or build your own command-line arguments with our builder to integrate with nearly any CI server your organization may use

Store tests locally or inside a Git repo for easier collaboration between team members

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No one knows APIs better than SmartBear. As the makers of Swagger and SoapUI, we’re trusted by millions of API teams to ensure API quality in every step of the API delivery lifecycle - from design to deployment. We’ve been helping API development and testing teams build exceptional APIs for over 10 years.

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