Integrating with soapUI

Many of the classes in soapUI can be used directly in other programs, for example if you want to set up requests and/or TestCases manually.

The following code is taken from the WsdlRequestTestCase and illustrates how to create a project, import a WSDL, create a request and submit it:

// create new project
WsdlProject project = new WsdlProject();

// import amazon wsdl
WsdlInterface iface = WsdlInterfaceFactory.importWsdl( 
 "", true )[0];

// get desired operation
WsdlOperation operation = 
  (WsdlOperation) iface.getOperationByName( "MyOperation" );

// create a new empty request for that operation
WsdlRequest request = operation.addNewRequest( "My request" );

// generate the request content from the schema
request.setRequestContent( operation.createRequest( true ) );

// submit the request
WsdlSubmit submit = (WsdlSubmit) request.submit( new WsdlSubmitContext(), false );

// wait for the response
Response response = submit.getResponse();

//	print the response
String content = response.getContentAsString();
System.out.println( content );
assertNotNull( content );
assertTrue( content.indexOf( "404 Not Found" ) > 0  );

For this to work you will need the same dependencies as the SoapUI Maven plugin.