Getting Started

The AMF TestStep can be used for sending AMF remote calls over HTTP (AMF being Adobes ActionScript Messaging Format used by Flash/Flex applications to interact with a server backend).

The new AMF TestStep lets you perform call to AMF server with access to all the XML-related bells-and-whistles (assertions, property-transfers, etc) .

Now create an empty SoapUI project and then manually add a TestSuite, a TestCase and finally add an AMF Request TestStep.

The new AMF Request window contains the following components:


For the Request:

  • 1. Endpoint
  • 2. AMF Call
  • 3. Parameters table
  • 4. Script editor
  • 5. HTTP Header inspector
  • 6. AMF Header inspector

For the Response:

  • 7. XML view
  • 8. RAW view
  • 9. HTTP Headers inspector
  • 10. AMF Header inspector