Deprecated SoapUI Extension Plugins

Deprecated SoapUI Extension Plugins

**Note: **The following are old style plugins. They are not compatible with SoapUI 5.1 and later, and cannot be installed with the Plugin Manager.

Add-ons & Plugins


ProgrammableWeb plugin makes it possible to browse and import APIs from the ProgrammableWeb API directory.

Swagger Plugin

The Swagger plugin adds Swagger import and export functionality.

RAML Plugin

The RAML plugin adds RAML import and export functionality.

Groovy Console

The Groovy Console plugin adds an interactive Groovy console for arbitraty scripting tasks.

Email TestStep Plugin

The Email TestStep plugin adds a custom TestStep for sending emails from a TestCase.

Runscope Plugin

The Runscope Plugin reroutes all requests through the Runscope platform .