JMS in Soap Test Request Step


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Soap Request toolbar Overall control of the Soap Request Test Step
2_snag_evi Request tab Place where your request is, in various formats
3_snag_evi Response tab Place where your response is, in various formats
4_snag_evi JMS Header Inspector specifying JMS Headers and message related options
5_snag_evi JMS Headers and Properties JMS Headers and Properties of received message
6_snag_evi JMS Properties Inspector JMS Properties of outgoing message
7_snag_evi JMS Assertions Timeout and Status assertion

Soap Request Toolbar


  Option Description
run Run test step Submit request to specified endpoint URL
addAssertion Add assertion Adds an assetion to this item
addAsMockResponseStep adds response to mock service Adds the current response to a MockService
recreates-shema Recreate shema Recreates a default request from the shema
copy-request copy request Creates a copy of this this request
abort-request abort request Aboorts ongoing request

Request tab


  Option Description
1_snag_evi XML Xml view of request
2_snag_evi Raw Raw view of request
3_snag_evi Outline Outlined view of request
4_snag_evi Overview Owerview of request

Response tab


  Option Description
1_snag_evi XML Xml view of response
2_snag_evi Raw Raw view of response
3_snag_evi Outline Outlined view of response
4_snag_evi Overview Owerview of response

JMS Header Inspector


  Option Description
1_snag_evi JMSCorrelationID JMS message header property
2_snag_evi JMSReplyTo JMS message header property
3_snag_evi JMSType JMS message header property
4_snag_evi JMSPriority JMS message header property
5_snag_evi JMSDeliveryMode JMS message header property
6_snag_evi TimeToLive specify Tim to Live in miliseconds for message , if zero or not set it means never expires
7_snag_evi Send As BytesMessage when checked outgoing message type will be BytesMessage
8_snag_evi Add SoapAction as property automaticaly adds SoapAction and SOAPJMS_soapAction with value soap action method
9_snag_evi Durable Subscription Name Optionally set durable subscription name, default is durableSubscription + 'topic_name'
10_snag_evi ClientID Optionally set ClientID for jms connection
11_snag_evi Message Selector Specify message selector to determine which message to receive

JMS Property Inspector


  Option Description
add_property Add property Add cusotm property
remove_property Remove property Remove selected property

JMS Response Headers and Properties


JMS Assertions


Option Description
JMS Timeout Assert if message is received in specified time in milisoconds ( Timeout is TestRequest property )
JMS Status Assert if some JMSException occurs