REST Discovery Generate Services

REST Discovery Generate Services

Clicking the Generate services… button brings up the Generate Services window.

Generate Services


This will create all the captured REST requests as a list of interfaces in the project. They will be ordered in the same order the actions were performed when doing the discovery.

Services + TestSuite

Chosing Services + Test Suite will let you choose between three options:

  1. Pick an existing TestSuite and TestCase to put the interfaces in.
  2. You can also choose an existing TestSuite, but add a new TestCase for the interfaces.
  3. Alternatively, you can create a brand new TestSuite with a new TestCase containing all the requests, as interfaces.

Existing TestSuite and TestCase

For existing TestSuite and TestCase, simply select the combination in the dropdown menu.

Existing TestSuite

In a large project, this list may be long.

Existing TestSuite, New TestCase

For an existing TestSuite with a new TestCase, select that combination in the dropdown menu.

New Testcase

Create New TestSuite

In order to create a new TestSuite and new Testcase, select that option in the menu.

New TestSuite

You will then be prompted to add a name for the new TestSuite:


This is followed by asking you to name the new TestSuite:



When all interfaces have been generated, the success window is displayed:


Close REST Discovery

With the Close Discovery checkbox checked, the Discovery window will close when you click OK.

Note: When you close the Discovery window, all recorded requests will be discarded. Leave the discovery window open if you plan to generate more services based on the same discovery.