REST Discovery Proxy Configuration

REST Discovery Proxy Configuration

When the REST Discovery Proxy is running, it is accessible to clients external to SoapUI. Any traffic routed through the proxy will be available for recording by the REST Discovery feature.

However, for this to work, the client itself needs to be configured to actually use the proxy. Due to the great number of possible clients and configuration methods, this article will only discuss the general principles and give a few examples.

Client Proxy Settings

The main the REST Discovery window displays the current settings required to connect to the proxy.

REST Discovery Proxy

External - Configuring local clients

Any client not on the same computer as the proxy is considered external. It does have to be on the same network, however.

For external clients, use the settings under the heading external.

Internal - Configuring network clients

Any application on the same computer as the proxy is considered internal, although they are external to ReadyAPI itself. If there are multiple network interfaces on that computer, make sure that both client and proxy are on the same network.

For internal clients, use the settings under the heading internal.

Firewall considerations

The proxy must be accessible to other applications and computers on the network. This means that in addition to configuring the settings in the client, you must also make sure that any involved firewalls (on the proxy computer, client platform et c) must be set to allow the traffic.