Overview - MockService Window


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Toolbar Overall control of the Mock Service
2_snag_evi Operations list of available operations
3_snag_evi Mock Service Coverige coverige tab
4_snag_evi Description tab place for your description of this mock service
5_snag_evi Properties properties table for mock service
6_snag_evi Scripts Scripts for events Start ,Stop, OnRequest, AfterRequest
7_snag_evi Message Log toolbar Place where your response is, in various formats
8_snag_evi Message Log window Http Headers of AMF response message



Option Description
run start mock service
stop-mock stop mock service
mockService opens root wsdl page in the browser
preferences-system mock service preferences

MockService Coverage


Option Description
1_snag_evi coverige toolbar
2_snag_evi coverige tree
3_snag_evi show total request or response coverage for all results and assertion
4_snag_evi show message content for selected response or request

MockService Coverage Toolbar


Option Description
Enable Coverage Enables Coverage
create_empty_method resets the coverage table
preferences-system sets coverage options



Option Description
1_snag_evi start script manually, and edit options
2_snag_evi Script invoked on a start of mock service
3_snag_evi Script invoked on end of mock service
4_snag_evi Script invoked on request event
5_snag_evi Script invoked after request

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