SOAP Mock Services

Running your MockServices from the command-line is equally simple; use the bundled mockrunner.bat/.sh file with the following arguments:

  • m : The name of the MockService to run
  • p : The local port to listen on, overrides the port configured for the MockService
  • a : The local path to listen on, overrides the path configured for the MockService
  • b : Turns off blocking when mockRunner has been started, which is required when wanting to run the MockServiceRunner with (for example) nohup or as a Windows Service
  • s : The soapui-settings.xml file to use
  • x : Sets project password for decryption if project is encrypted
  • v : Sets password for soapui-settings.xml file
  • D : Sets system property with name=value
  • G : Sets global property with name=value
  • P : Sets project property with name=value
  • S : Saves the project after running the mockService(s)
  • f : Sets the output folder to export results to ( ReadyAPI only )
  • o : Opens the Coverage Report in a browser (with the -g option) ( ReadyAPI only )
  • g : Sets the output to include Coverage HTML reports ( ReadyAPI only )

The distribution contains a mockservicerunner.bat script for running MockServices in the bin directory, for example;

mockservicerunner.bat -m "IOrderService MockService" "C:\Documents and Settings\Ole Matzura\My Documents\demo2-soapui-project.xml"

Runs the specified MockService as follows:

SoapUI SNAPSHOT MockService Runner

15:08:15,515 INFO [SoapUI] Added [file:/C:/workspace/core/ext/mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar] to classpath

15:08:16,375 INFO [SoapUI] initialized soapui-settings from [soapui-settings.xml]

15:08:16,406 INFO [WsdlProject] Loaded project from [C:\Documents and Settings\Ole Matzura\My Documents\demo2-soapui-project.xml]

15:08:17,609 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Running MockService [IOrderService MockService] in project [demo]

15:08:17,609 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Press any key to terminate

15:08:17,953 INFO [MockEngine] Started mockService [IOrderService MockService] on port [8081] at path [/mockIOrderService]

15:08:17,953 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] MockService started on port 8081 at path [/mockIOrderService]

Progress: 1 - Loading definition from cache

15:09:18,625 DEBUG [WsdlContext] Loading definition from cache

15:09:18,640 DEBUG [WsdlLoader] Returning baseInputSource [http://evitop:8080/OrderServiceImpl?wsdl]

15:09:18,687 DEBUG [WsdlLoader] Returning baseURI [http://evitop:8080/OrderServiceImpl?wsdl] Retrieving document at 'http://evitop:8080/OrderServiceImpl?wsdl'.

15:09:18,796 DEBUG [WsdlContext] Loaded definition: ok

15:09:18,812 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/xop.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/XMLSchema.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/xml.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/swaref.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/xmime200505.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Added default schema from /C:/workspace/core/target/classes/xmime200411.xsd with targetNamespace

15:09:18,890 WARN [SchemaUtils] Failed to open schemaDirectory [C:\workspace\soapui-pro\schemas]

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Loading schema types from [http://evitop:8080/OrderServiceImpl?wsdl]

15:09:18,890 INFO [SchemaUtils] Getting schema http://evitop:8080/OrderServiceImpl?wsdl

15:09:18,906 INFO [SchemaUtils] schema for [] contained [{}] namespaces

15:09:19,359 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Handled request 1; [purchase] with [MockResponse 1] in [9ms] at [2007-04-03 15:09:17.968]

15:09:20,734 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Handled request 2; [purchase] with [MockResponse 2] in [0ms] at [2007-04-03 15:09:20.734]

15:09:21,296 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Handled request 3; [purchase] with [MockResponse 1] in [0ms] at [2007-04-03 15:09:21.296]

15:09:21,937 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Handled request 4; [purchase] with [MockResponse 2] in [0ms] at [2007-04-03 15:09:21.937]

15:09:22,343 INFO [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] Handled request 5; [purchase] with [MockResponse 1] in [0ms] at [2007-04-03 15:09:22.343]

Which can now be invoked from soapUI or any other client. Terminate the runner by pressing the return key in the console, which will shutdown as follows:

15:20:30,703 INFO  [MockEngine] Stopping connector on port 8081
15:20:30,703 INFO  [MockEngine] No more connectors.. stopping server
15:20:30,703 INFO  [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] MockService stopped, handled 7 requests
15:20:30,703 INFO  [SoapUIMockServiceRunner] time taken: 733117ms

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