Launch SecurityTestRunner

Launching the Security TestRunner from soapUI


Here we've specified some initial settings to run the current TestCase, in the Report tab we can specify which reports to generate:


Now if we run the testrunner we get:


Scrolling back up in the opened window we can see the actual command issued at the command-line:


Copy and paste this into your favorite automation tool for rerun these tests as configured.

TestEngine: An Optimized Test Runner

Execute tests from SoupUI Open Source or SoupUI Pro in parallel to speed up your API Testing.

  • Scale Based on Your Business Needs:

    Dynamically run larger regression tests alongside smaller tests with custom configuration parameters.

  • Job Queuing:

    Execute tests as they arrive, staggering test runs and avoiding bottlenecks at peak times.

  • Supports Multiple Environments:

    Use TestEngine on Docker, VMS, Mac, Windows or Linux.