Help in SoapUI

Help Links

There are two types of help links in SoapUI: help links and read more links.

Help Links

# Link Description
1 Help link icon Brings you to reference page
2 Read more link Brings you to an information page

Help Icon

The Help Icon takes you to a page relating to the feature you are using.

Read More

The Read More link takes you to more general information about the feature or workflow related to the feature.

How to use

Use the help icon when you want explanations of interface elements or what settings mean. Use the Read More link to find out the purpose of the feature, or get more information.

Help Menu

The Help menu contains links to helpful web pages.

Help Links

# Link Description
1 Starter Page Displays the starter page inside SoapUI
2 API Testing Dojo Brings you to the API Testing Dojo section of
2 Getting Started Brings you to the Getting Started section of

Search Forum

You can search the online forum directly from inside SoapUI. The search is accessible both from the Help menu, and as a component at the top right of the SoapUI main window.

Help menu

To access the forum search from the help menu, select Search Forum.

Help Links Help Links

Enter search test in the textbox and click the OK button.

Search Forum Component

The Search forum component is available at the top right hand side of the SoapUI main window.

Help Links

To search the forum in the component, enter search test in the textbox and click the Search search icon.

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