Ready API 1.3 is out

1.3 - The Secure Pro Release

We’ve just release Ready API 1.3 and this one is also full of new stuff. Since the release of Ready API 1, where we took SoapUI Pro to the next step in usability and features, we’ve added capabilities at a unprecedented pace. This does not change in 1.3, I’m proud of the value we’ve added to this release, for the Ready API user there’s so much to discover and use.

New Tool: Secure Pro

Talking to our communication with the community we’ve heard a lot about security concerns for APIs and the lack of an easy to use security testing tool. We’ve also seen a number of security breaches for API’s, and these two together convinced me we had to extend the capabilities of the Secure tool in Ready API. In 1.3 we’ve added a number of features for REST Security as Pro Features as well as R!A looking for those pesky configuration files you forget to delete. We’ve also updated the usability vastly for you who use Secure Base version.

SoapUI: Data Generation and More 

SoapUI, our flagship also got a huge upgrade. We’ve added a number of things that will make your testing easier. First we’ve added Data Generation. There’s been a large number of requests for Test Data Management, something that you usually will find in large and expensive tools. As a first step we’ve added the ability to generate data of specific types for your tests.  

LoadUI: Distribution and Monitors

LoadUI got a huge upgrade as well. In 1.3 we’ve added both the ability to distribute load to load Agents as well as the ability to monitor server performance, that is understand how thread management works for your App Server when running load.

ServiceV Pro

One of the most asked for features for ServiceV Pro has been the ability to virtualize JMS APIs. I think that what we came up with is pretty impressive. You can now do sophisticated Virts with all the Ease of Use and Rapid Virtualization of ServiceV Pro.

Integrations: Extending Ready API 

That’s not all. On a Ready API level we’ve also added a number of integrations that our community has asked for. For the integrations we’ve used our Plugin Architecture which allows you to rather easily hook into Ready API, you should really try it out yourself, it’s a great way to add functionality to Read API or to add integrations with other systems or tools. We’ve added Integrations with the following:

  • Git
    Save your composite Projects in Git or GitHub. The Git plugins is a great template for integrating with any SCM.

  • Jira
    Report Test results as Issues in Jira. Of course, the thought here is to use this as an issue tracker.

  • AlertSite
    We’ve also integrated with AlertSite which will allow you to run one Monitor of your live API for free. This means as a complement to your pre-deployment testing you can actually monitor that the API works post deployment.

  • TestComplete
    We’ve also integrated with our sister tool, TestComplete, which will allow you to run TC Tests from SoapUI. The TestComplete integration is not a Plugin and is available as a TestStep in SoapUI.

Let us know what you think!

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