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API Testing Features

SoapUI is the world's leading Functional Testing tool for SOAP and Web Service testing. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, and enterprise-class features, SoapUI allows you to easily and rapidly create and execute automated functional, regression, and load tests. In a single test environment, SoapUI provides complete test coverage - from SOAP and REST-based Web services, to JMS enterprise messaging layers, databases, Rich Internet Applications, and much more. And that's just the beginning.

Functional Testing

SoapUI is the Swiss-Army knife of automated Functional and Regression Testing. Powerful and innovative features help you validate and improve the quality of your services and applications. Best of all, you don't have to be a developer to write Functional Tests in SoapUI. So whether you're creating new TestSuites, adding TestCases, or adding assertions to your TestCases, it's all amazingly simple and easy.


Drag and Drop Test Creation

Enhance your productivity with a code-free test environment. Create and run even the most complex test scenarios with drag and drop actions.


Complex Scenarios

Perform and validate a login procedure while testing your enterprise messaging and capturing client-server SOAP traffic. All at once!


Test Debugging

Improve your test quality and follow test flows step-by-step with the long-awaited SoapUI Pro Test Debugging. The Debugging Interface simplifies following Test Flow, Variables, Properties, Requests, Context and much more making test creation and improvement more streamlined.


Data-Driven Testing

Creating data-driven tests in SoapUI Pro is remarkably easy. Use the DataSource TestStep to read and loop test data from external sources, including Excel, XML, JDBC, and Files.


Test Coverage

With its breakthrough Web Services Coverage, SoapUI lets you dynamically analyze how well your SOAP or REST Service contract is covered by your Functional Tests.


Multi Environment Support

If you’re running your tests in different environments, such as staging and production, you’ll love this. In SoapUI 4.5 you are able to quickly change test setup depending on target environment.


REST Discovery

You can quickly get your undocumented API under test by recording your interactions with the API and automatically create test suites for an API from your interactions with it.

More Features

  • Advanced Scriptingicon-pro
  • Manual TestStep
  • Refactoring icon-pro
  • Asynchronous Testing
  • Assertion TestStep icon-pro
  • Message Content Assertionicon-pro

Service Simulation (Mocking)

SoapUI MockServices let you mimic - and create robust tests against - Web Services before they are implemented. They eliminate the expense of building full-scale replicas of your production systems and enable consumers to access the services without having to wait for them to be built or available. You can simulate any desired behavior, no matter how complex, and completely configure service responses.


Auto Mock Creation

SoapUI is loaded with enterprise-class features. It takes a WSDL from your desired location and automagically generates the MockService and its methods for you.


Custom Responses

Insert a Property Expansion in any element to fill it programatically, change the dispatch to specify different MockResponses to be sent out, and more.


Real Services

Mimic your Real Web Services without having to wait for them to be ready or accessible. Best of all, you don't have to build expensive full-scale replicas of your production systems.



SoapUI lets you create simulations that comply with accepted WSDL, SOAP, or HTTP standards in just a few clicks. That means a client will use the simulations as if they were real services.


Server Deployment

Implement an entire MockService and effortlessly deploy it to a standard servlet container - Apache Tomcat, GlassFish, or any other - using the advanced Deploy As War feature.


Simulation Coverage

Easily measure the degree to which your WSDL is simulated and utilized by Mock clients. And SoapUI automatically aggregates the coverage statistics at Project, TestCase and TestSuite levels.

Soap and REST


SoapUI allows for mocking of both REST and SOAP APIs.

REST Mock Setup

Easy REST Setup icon-pro

By using SoapUI's REST Discovery feature you can seamlessly create a REST Mock by using the recorded responses and headers you received when recording your interactions.

More Features

  • Static Content Mocking
  • Scripting
  • SSL Support

Security Testing

Using a complement of tests and scans, protect your services on websites against the most common security vulnerabilities.


Test Generator icon-pro

With the SoapUI Pro Security Test Generator you can create a complete set of vulnerability scans. With just a few mouse clicks you will have a full blown hacker simulation. Instant Security!


SQL Injection

Secure your database. Send in Malicious SQL statements in order to make sure it's not possible to get access to or weaken your databases.


XML Bomb

A document of extreme size can cause instability, make your systems inaccessible or make your system an attack vector. The XML Bomb scan will examine whether your system is vulnerable to stack overflows.

Cross site scripting

Cross Site scripting

Does your Service expose the parameters it uses in its messages? This is a common mistake leading to Cross Site Scripting scans.


Fuzzing Scan

Send random texts to you Service in order to provoke unknown errors, buffer overflows, stack traces, or find string vulnerabilities. Help system hardening greatly by running Fuzzing Scans.


Boundary Scan

Sending in data at the boundary of allowed values or in direct opposition of the allowed values may cause your system to behave erratically or display unwanted information. Harden your system against boundary conditions.

More Features

  • Malicious attachment
  • Custom script
  • XPath Injection
  • Invalid Data
  • Malformed XML

Load Testing

SoapUI lets you create even the most advanced Load Tests quickly and easily. And, it also integrates seamlessly with loadUI, which provides a vastly superior Load Testing experience. With a visual, drag-and-drop interface, loadUI allows you to create, configure and redistribute your Load Tests interactively and in real-time. Learn more about loadUI.


Real-Time, Interactive Distributed Testing

Distribute your Load Tests across any number of loadUI Agents - locally or remotely (the cloud) - and simulate high volume and real-world load with incredible efficiency.

Drag and Drop testing

Drag and Drop Test Creation

Create even the most complex test scenarios with drag and drop simplicity. Get real-time feedback and updates on the status and results of your tests. And more!


Integrated Analytics

Interactive charts and lists with real-time data. Advanced auto-generated reports. Automated correlation of performance metrics. Custom reports. Only in loadUI!


Click and Run Tests

Create Load Tests in SoapUI from existing Functional Tests with just a right-click. Modify and create advanced tests quickly and easily.


Pre-built Load Strategies

Select from powerful built-in Load Strategies - Simple, Fixed-Rate, Variable, and more - to test the performance of your services under various conditions.


Advanced Scripting icon-pro

Create any SoapUI extensions you want directly inside the UI. For example, you could write all the TestStep execution times to a database for later analysis.

More Features

  • Best Practices Load and Performance Metrics
  • SLA Verification
  • End-to-End System Performance Monitoring
  • Setup and TearDown TestSuites
  • Drag and Drop Test Creation

Technology Support

Building applications or services based on a variety of protocols? Loaded with advanced technologies, SoapUI provides support for all the common protocols and standards. So whether you want to test and deploy SOAP services or Flex/Flash web applications, SoapUI has got you covered.



Easily import, test and validate your WSDL and SOAP-based services – no matter how complex. Using SoapUI's advanced editors, everyone can get involved, from developers to QA and business teams.



Test your REST Services and their resources with a couple of clicks. Add as many REST resources or custom methods to your services as you like. Then validate their responses, and more.


Web and HTTP(S)

Automate the creation of typical usage scenarios by interactively recording web usage from within SoapUI, and get detail-level insight into the HTTP(S) traffic. Then replay those actions as standard Functional Tests.



With just a few clicks, you can create scenarios to test your Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), spot bottlenecks, and fine-tune them prior to deployment.



Intuitive and rich exploration and analysis of databases. Test and verify input and results from any JDBC database while testing your Web services and applications.



Fully integrated with HermesJMS, SoapUI lets you send and receive both text and binary messages from many JMS providers. JMS testing has never been easier.

More Features

  • WS-I Integration
  • WS-Security
  • WS-Addressing
  • WS-Reliable Messaging
  • OAuth 2 Support


SoapUI packs advanced end-to-end automation features, allowing you to dramatically reduce labor costs and improve your time-to-market. Using the Command-Line tools bundled with SoapUI, you can run your Functional/Load Tests and MockServices from just about any task scheduler, or as an integrated part of your build process. You can even customize the test execution to override test parameters, control what tests to run or output, and much more.



Run your SoapUI tests and mocks within a Maven build with simple commands. And, if you don’t want to run an entire project, you can specify only the TestCases or TestSuites you want to run.



SoapUI makes Continuous Integration with Hudson easy, too. The benefits are two-fold: the development process is always running and finding bugs is easier.



Integrate and run your tests within a Bamboo build just by typing a few simple commands. Automation and integration - for a quicker and more efficient testing.



Use the TestRunner - the feature that launches the Command-Line tools from within SoapUI- to run and control the execution of your SoapUI tests from JUnit.



With the powerful SoapUI's Command-Line tools, you can also run and customize your tests within an ANT automated build.


Your Choice System

Using Continuous Integration Tools other than the ones already listed? With SoapUI you can run your Functional/Load Tests and MockServices from any tool.


With powerful and integrated analytics, SoapUI Pro makes your testing faster than ever and saves you countless hours. Instantly create comprehensive yet easy-to-understand reports for Functional and Load Tests from within the UI at Project, TestSuite, TestCase and LoadTest levels. And with virtually no effort on your part, you can export your reports into any standard format and customize them any way you like.


Integrated Reporting icon-pro

Get summaries of your Functional and Load Tests for effortless tracking and governance. You can even generate HTML reports. All it takes is a couple of clicks.


Actionable Metrics

Every report includes standard metrics, which are conveniently grouped into categories. And you can easily add metrics to your report, and even group them into your own categories.


Report Printing icon-pro

With SoapUI Pro, printing comprehensive reports is just a click away, making it easy to share and review the test results with your team.


Report Exporting icon-pro

Export your report in all popular formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, HTML, XML, and more. SoapUI does the format conversion for you.


Custom Reports icon-pro

Create custom reports - both Printable and Data Export - in seconds. Add your own data to the generated report and make it special just for you.


Command-Line Reports icon-pro

With its complete set of Command-Line tools, SoapUI lets you experience all the powerful reporting features directly from the Command-Line, too.


Built from the ground up to offer advanced recording capabilities, SoapUI records, monitors and displays for you all the data that is sent and received between a client, such as your web browser, and a server. SoapUI makes it easy to see what is happening, so you can quickly diagnose and fix problems. It even supports WS-Security and SSL decryption, allowing you to analyze and modify encrypted messages.


HTTP Recording

Record, monitor, analyze and even modify HTTP traffic as it happens between an existing client and server application. It's downright amazing!


SSL Decryption

With full support for WS-Security and SSL decryption, SoapUI lets you easily decrypt a message and verify its signature. You can even re-encrypt the message.


Simulation Generation

Mock an entire client/server conversation with the click of a button. Then specify an endpoint for your MockService and rerun the conversation inside SoapUI.


Test Generation

Select the desired messages captured from a client/server conversation, add them to a TestCase, and replay and reconfigure them as you like.


Contract Coverage icon-pro

With one click, you can measure the utilization of your WSDL contract in your captured traffic. Best of all, this helps you comply with customer requirements.


Message Modification icon-pro

Want to ensure that your service is always returning certain values to a client during a test-scenario? Use the Event Handler feature in SoapUI Pro.


A big part of what makes SoapUI great is the universe of the open source community and partners around it, who have accelerated the pace of innovation on SoapUI. Another reason SoapUI is so great is that it allows anyone to develop their own set of SoapUI features as SoapUI Plugins. And SoapUI Pro adds award-winning support from the SmartBear team.



Experience SoapUI with all of its features right from IntelliJ IDEA. One integrated development and testing environment for all your Web Services.



The SoapUI NetBeans plugin brings the full SoapUI functionality to NetBeans, allowing you to develop and test Web Services the same way as in SoapUI.



Part of the Eclipse plugin, the SoapUI Nature technology, gives you integrated access to the whole of SoapUI from within a Java project.


Third-Party Plugins

SoapUI makes it easy for developers to add their own plugins. Plugins such as Agiletestware, SOA DataPro, TestMaker, and Pegamento make for a richer testing experience.


Vibrant Community

Our community spans the globe. It has people from all walks of life - from those tinkering in their garages to those working on applications within companies.


Expert Support icon-pro

SoapUI Pro comes with expert advice and world-class support available via a SoapUI Pro-exclusive forum and e-mail. And you also get a world of online resources at

More Features

  • Floating Licenses icon-pro