Product Advisory Board

The soapUI Product Advisory Board consists of members from our community that have been active over the years, contributing with ideas, feedback and critique. The Advisory Board is engaged in Roadmap discussions and also provides feedback on new features.


Rajneesh Namta

Rajneesh Namta is a Senior Test Consultant at Xebia in Gurgaon, India. He is a passionate tester and has served for more than 7 years in various roles in testing (test lead/consultant) at large multinational firms. He is a certified Scrum Master and has been practicing Agile for more than 3 years. In his profession, Rajneesh has created advanced integration test frameworks using soapUI Pro for various international clients. Rajneesh loves to participate and contribute to the agile and testing community by means of blogs and articles and he have also spoken at different conferences.

Robert D. Schneider

As a senior consultant and trainer, Robert D. Schneider has provided distributed computing, database optimization and other technical expertise to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial, technology, and government sectors. Earlier clients include Chase Manhattan Bank, VISA, HP, S.W.I.F.T, and the governments of the United States, Brazil, and Malaysia. Robert has written six books and numerous articles on advanced technical topics such as Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), open source, and relational database design/optimization. He is a frequent organizer and presenter at technology industry events worldwide.

Houston Haynes

Houston's twenty-year career in technology spans a wide range of domain areas, from design and assembly of electronic musical instruments to validation of artificial intelligence systems for financial and medical software devices.


Pradeep Bishnoi

Pradeep Bishnoi currently works at Thomson Reuters in Bangalore. He entered the IT industry in September 2007 with SAP Labs India, Bangalore. Pradeep has an interest in reading and learning technology related stuff, working on open source projects, cooking/eating and adventure sports. He also has handy knowledge in C, Java, Visual Basic 2005, SQL, soapUI, GroovyScript and Excel Macro and a few other languages.

Philippe Marsteau

Philippe Marsteau is a system architect of the platform division at Taleo, the leading provider of on demand talent management solutions. Organizations worldwide use Taleo to assess, acquire, develop, and align their workforce for improved business performance. Since Mr. Maarsteau joined Taleo in 2003 he has had various positions. Philippe was a key player in delivering the current integration framework of Taleo, allowing simple and cost effective integration solutions to business partners and customers. For this, he introduced soapUI tool at Taleo.Also he was contributing and providing feedback for Plugin API in soapUI 1.7.6. Before joining Taleo, Philippe Marsteau worked for about 7 years as an IT consultant in Germany. He is fluent in French, English and German and his motivation and passion are contagious to the teams he works with.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza is Chief Architect of Software Quality at Splunk. He is also the founder of a few companies focused around soapUI, HP ALM, and mongoDB (see below). Prior to Splunk, Ali was a Senior QA Manager at Rovi where he made extensive use of soapUI in all the backend teams. Ali has been using soapUI since verion 1.0 and has extensive experience around building scaleable and effective test automation frameworks using soapUI. When not busy with work, Ali is always looking for ways to solve long standing QA challegnes by using or extending testing tools and frameworks.

Websites: (soapUI plugin for HP ALM) (soapUI plugin for mongoDB) (Universal integration platform for HP ALM) 

Steven Price

Steven Price is a Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer with 13 plus years in software development, and 26 years overall in the hardware and software industry. Steven currently works at EBSCO Publishing, a provider of online data sources to the library industry, providing manual and automated test coverage. Working for market leaders such as Teradyne (Hardware Test Automation equipment), New Market International (Hospitality and Distribution Automation solutions), Virtual Access Networks (Desktop and Server Migration solutions), Kronos (Global Workforce Management solutions), and SRU Bio System’s (BIND® label-free assay detection equipment), has made Steven a practitioner of several integrative quality philosophies dedicated to continuous improvement such as TQM, CMMI, and ISO9000. Steven’s daily contributions have ranged from testing, management of 3rd party tools, process improvement, documentation, project management, customer support, and training.

Roberta Blake Marietta

Roberta is a Sr. Software Engineer who has used SoapUI Pro for internal testing and reporting within CMMI level 3 organizations.

Robert Long

Starting in IT in 1999 in networking, began his IT Career at C3i-inc, NJ where he developed a love for software troubleshooting. Since his move to Vonage he was asked to try Quality Assurance software testing, and to his surprise revealed a hidden passion. Since Vonage’s current plan moving to implement a full backbone change to SOAP services lead him to find and purchase SoapUI for the company. For the past 2 years SoapUI produced in him new skills sets such as Groovy Scripting, XPath, JDBC, HTTP, Security and Load Testing. Now with over 150 test steps (API's) and many external requests, SoapUI allowed him to create a fully-integrated “single-click” test automation tool! With his recent discovery of LoadUI abilities is soon to implement in performance testing strategies.

Mark Lehky

Mark Lehky has been working in test automation since 1999, in several different industries in both Europe and North America. He prefers to work on back-end server automation and scripting custom tools, and is an advocate of open-source software.

Mark keeps in touch through LinkedIn ( and maintains a blog (