Scriptless API Testing

Codeless test assertions makes it easy for anyone on the team to start testing APIs

Simple, Point & Click Testing 

Point-and-click testing in ReadyAPI lets you incorporate advanced functionality without any complex scripting or burdensome navigation. Use the point-and-click capabilities to select actions or data and immediately include them in your test suite.


Our point-and-click functionality also lets you easily add assertions to your XPath or JSON Path tests by simply right-clicking and choosing one of our built-in assertions. Build your tests faster and avoid complex scripting by using these common assertions to validate responses in your tests.

Property Transfer

Use a response from one test step to feed a request in another test step. Leverage this functionality to make creation of tests intuitive and user friendly. You can write complicated dynamic references to project properties, JSON paths and XML elements with just a few clicks. You can also search for properties across the project through the search functionality and add a new property on the fly.

Download & Start Testing

Next-Level Professional API Testing

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Test the functionality of your REST and SOAP APIs faster, while improving quality and security.

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  • Integrate with leading API management platforms