API Example Tutorials

See Our Sample API Projects below to get up and running with SoapUI

To get started with one of the sample projects you need to:

  1. Download it to your computer:Right-click the download link and save the file to a local directory.
  2. Import it into SoapUI: Start SoapUI and select “Import Project” from the File menu. Browse to the downloaded file and press OK – SoapUI will load the project and it will be available in your SoapUI workspace.

The examples are all hosted on GitHub in a dedicated repository.


A sample REST project that shows how to make basic Twitter requests and set up the required OAuth authentication


Basic requests for flickr content, including interestingness and places searches.Requires an API-Key for Flickr applications


A sample REST project that shows how to make basic YouTube request – does not require any authentication


A sample project showing how to set up the required WS-Security authentication for AWS and use it in a TestCase


Sample requests for the 6 Google Maps APIs – including authenticated requests to the Places API.


Basic requests to the Facebook Graph API using Facebook access tokens as needed.