YouTube Sample Project

This is a simple monitor that does a number of basic searches with the YouTube API and validates the responses to contain expected content. The API calls made do not require any authentication so this can be run straight out of the box.

The project has the following structure:


The YouTube REST API contains a root “feeds” resource with child resources for videos channels and standard feeds. The “standard” child resource contains children for the top_rated, most_popular and most_viewed feeds. Each resource contains one GET method with one Request which you can use for ad-hoc testing.

The TestCase used for monitoring basically makes one request to each of the resources defined above and validates the response.

  • Channel Search: searches for channels named "smartbear" - JSON Response - validates that there is at least one hit Save
  • Video Search: searches for videos named "unprepared geeks" - ATOM XML Response - validates that there is at least one hit
  • Top Rated: validates that the top-rated RSS listing contains the correct youtube image
  • Most Popular : validates that the Most Popular response in JSONC format contains the expected access-control permissions
  • Most Viewed : validates that the Most Viewed response in JSON-in-Script format starts with the expected script call

see for more information on the YouTube APIs used in this example.

Download Youtube Sample Project