Facebook Sample Project

The Sample project for the Facebook API defines a number of core resources and a corresponding TestCase:


The TestCase performs the following TestSteps

  • User Request: gets basic information for a specific user and validates that the response contains the expected link to the users facebook page. The user itself is specified in a project level property and used in both the request parameter and response assertion via property expansion.
  • Me Request: gets basic information for the user identified by the access token (see below) and validates the facebook link accordingly
  • Property Transfer: transfers the username in the response of the Me Request to the User Feed request
  • User Feed: gets the user feed for the specified user and validates the response to contain a number of user actions.

Authentication is performed by specifying a facebook access token in the requests:

Access token

The project stores the access token as a project property and inserts it into the request via property-expansion.

Read more about the Facebook APIs and get an access token at https://developers.facebook.com/

Download Facebook Sample Project