SoapUI Project Window

NOTE: This page contains information on standalone SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with ReadyAPI.
To try the new functionality, feel free to download a ReadyAPI trial from our website.

The project window is opened by double-clicking the project node in the navigator; it contains a number of tabs with project-scoped settings and data:


Overview Tab

The overview tab contains general data on the contained project and allows the specification of a project description, project-level properties and several event scripts that can be used to enrich your project.

Subtab Contents
Description -
Properties -
Load Script Called after the project has been loaded. This can be used to for example initiate some session specific data, endpoints, et c.
Save Script Called before the project is being saved, allowing you to perform custom cleanup tasks, for example removing passwords or test items, etc.
Report Script called when generating a Project Report

TestSuites Tab

TestSuites Tab shows all functional TestSuites in the Project (see Structuring and Running Tests)

Subtab Contents
Setup Script -
Teardown Script -
TestSuite Log -

WS-Security Configurations Tab

WS-Security Configurations tab manages project-level WS-Security configurations for SOAP-bases Web Services. (see Applying WS-Security to Your Tests)

Subtab Contents
Outgoing Configurations -
Incoming Configurations -
Keystores -
Truststores -

Security Scan Defaults Tab

The Security Scan Defaults tab contains Sensitive Information Tokens for the project.

Requirements Tab

The Requirements tab manages project requirements. (see Managing Requirements) |

Subtab Contents
TestCases -
Links -
Description -

JDBC Connections Tab

The JDBC Connections tab manages project level JDBC connections that can be used in multiple scenarios (see JDBC Connections) |

Reporting Tab

| Reporting | manages both global and project-level report templates and parameters (see Reporting Infrastructure) |

Subtab Contents
Available Reports -
Subreports -
Report Details (Shown for Available reports and Subreports)
Templates -
Parameters -

Events tab

The Events tab manages project-level event-handlers that can be used to enhance most aspects of test execution (see Custom Event Handlers) |

Environments tab

The Environments tab manages project-level environments for easy switching between different sets of SOAP and REST services, properties and database connections.

(see Environment handling in SoapUI) |