Project Window

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Option Description
1_snag_evi Overview
Project Overview contains useful information and metrics about your project
2_snag_evi TestSuites shows the TestSuites defined in the project and allows one to execute them in sequence or parallell
3_snag_evi WS-Security Configurations
WS-Security related settings in soapUI (Read Reference)
4_snag_evi Security Scan Defaults
shows regexp tokens used in "Sensitive Information Exposure" asserting
5_snag_evi Requirements editor handling the requirements of the project
6_snag_evi JDBC Connections
configuring JDBC connection on project level in order to use them in DBConnection DataSource or DataSink TestSteps
7_snag_evi Reporting
reporting related configuration (Read Reference)
8_snag_evi Events event-handling functionality which makes it easy to attach custom scripts to test-execution-related events in soapUI
9_snag_evi Environments
environment related configuration
10_snag_evi create report button
here you can create report
11_snag_evi Project Summary
file path of your project file
12_snag_evi Interface Summary
file path of your wsdl file
13_snag_evi Test Summary
statistic preview of test in project
14_snag_evi Mock Summary
statistic preview of mock service
15_snag_evi Overview Inspectors
Description, Properties, Load, Save, Report inspectors




Option Description
1_snag_evi Toolbar
Overall controll of TestSuite running
2_snag_evi Overall progress bar
visual representation of overall progress of test
3_snag_evi TestSuites progress bars
visual representation of progress of test suites
4_snag_evi Coverage tab
covrage view
5_snag_evi Script Inspectors
Setup and TearDown script inspectors that will be run before/after the execution of TestSuites
6_snag_evi TestSuite Log Inspector
show ongoing output when executing TestSuites in sequence



Option Description
1_snag_evi Toolbar
Add, Remove, Import and Export Requirements
2_snag_evi TestCases Inspector
This is the functionality for connecting a Requirement to a TestCase in soapUI. You can double click any TestCase and run it
3_snag_evi Links Inspector
Link to useful references or actual Requirements in a Project management system
4_snag_evi Description
Long description of the TestCase

JDBC Connections


Option Description
1_snag_evi jdbc connection toolbar with add, remove , configuration wizard and test connection buttons
2_snag_evi table containing jdbc configurations



Option Description
1_snag_evi toolbar for creating and removing event hadlers
script for coresponding event handler