What Is Distributed Load Testing?

If you've read about the different load testing profiles, the next logical step is to think about realistic loads coming from realistic locations. All enterprises and applications are globally connected these days. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you’re providing 24/7 service in different geographies. Distributed load testing allows you to mimic the same behavior at different times against your environment outside of your own network.

You first created a functional test. You added some data to it, to make it more realistic. Then, you could generate a scenario with a bunch of test steps. You had a log in step. You had a data step. You had a log out step.

Now, with distributed load testing, you’ll take all of these steps for load testing and put this directly onto a cloud instance, from where load can be generated on your APIs. ReadyAPIvides you with the ability to incorporate your advanced scenarios on the cloud and then generate load from there. It also provides you a lot of visibility into your load generators, which could be hosted on any cloud platform, AWS, Azure, etc. With LoadUI, you can host these load agents on the cloud, on a device, on your own network, or a mix of these places, so you can generate load on to your APIs.




Say you have a system for load testing within your own network. You use your machine to generate traffic and you say, “Hey, I can hit it with 500 users and get a certain response time.” What this ignores is the latency.

In ReadyAPI, you can use several agents (other tools call them runners) for distribution. These agents only take a minute to install on a different machine. With them, it’s easy to just deploy the scenario on that other machine and then run load test from there. This gives you distribution that you can locate anywhere in your network.


Distributed load testing with AWS and Azure

For Amazon, specifically, but even for other cloud providers like Azure, you can provide your credentials and connect to the client and spin up as many easy to environments in any geography that you would need at run time.

This saves you the hassle of having to deal with IT teams. You can just spend a few dollars with Amazon, ReadyAPIvides a calculator before you start a load test that gives you an estimate, and you can very easily allocate those resources from those geographies and just run whatever load generation that you need – and all of this can be done without scripting.


Distributed Load Testing in ReadyAPI

Simulate traffic from the cloud or on-premise.

ReadyAPI gives you the ultimate control over where and how you simulate traffic against your APIs. Using our enterprise-ready load agents at no additional cost, you can:


  • Scale any load test you build out indefinitely
  • Generate load from Windows or Linux-based nodes
  • Send a mix of either on-premise or off-premise traffic


Find out how you can distribute, scale, and improve your API load testing capabilities with ReadyAPI today by downloading a free trial!


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