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Option Description Shortcut
Show LoadTest Editor Open the LoadTest Editor Enter
Options Open LoadTest Options Ctrl+Shift+ O
Launch LoadTestRunner Open LoadTestRunner  
Clone LoadTest Clone LoadTest F9
Rename Rename a LoadTest F2
Remove Remove a LoadTest Delete

icon-options-dialog LoadTest Options Dialog

icon-settings-tab Settings tab


The LoadTest Options dialog contains the following settings:

Option Description
Thread Startup Delay Sets the startup delay for each thread (in milliseconds), setting to 0 will start all threads simultaneously.
Reset Statistics when thread-count changes Automatically resets statistics when the number of threads changes. Since (for example) the average is calculated using the number of threads, this value will be "influenced" by previous results from a different thread-count, which can be avoided by resetting the statistics when the number of threads changes.
Calculate TPS/BPS based on actual time passed By default, TPS (Transactions per second) is calculated with ( (1000/avg)*threadcount ), see Calculation of TPS/BPS. When setting a TestCase delay using the Simple LoadStrategy, the avg will generally be very low, but the actual transactions per second will not be equivalently high (since there is a delay). Selecting this option will calculate TPS using (time-passed/cnt) instead.
Include request write in calculated time When selected, the time to establish the connection with the target endpoint and write the HTTP request will be included in the calculated time for Request test steps. Select this option if you want the "actual" request time measured (includes proxy, requests, authentication challenges, etc).
Include response read in calculated time When selected, the time to read the HTTP response will be included in the calculated time for Request test steps. If not selected, only the time for reading the response HTTP headers will be included (the response content will still be read for assertions and eventual results viewing).
Close Connections after each request Select this if you want to disable HTTP Keep-Alives/Connection reuse, which will result in a load testing scenario which resembles an environment with many different Web Service clients.
Sample Interval Sets the sample-interval for the LoadTest Statistics table (in milliseconds), default is 250ms.
Disable History Discards all historical statistics internal (useful for preserving memory during very-long-running tests).
Max Assertions in Log Discards the underlying MessageExchange for assertion errors in the LoadTest log after the specified amount. Discarded assertions contain the text "[discarded]" in their message column in the LoadTest Log. Use this option to free memory if you are having a lot of assertions.
Cancel Running Cancels any running threads when the limit has been reached.

icon-settings-tab Statistics Log Tab


Option Description
Log Folder The folder where to create the log-files. soapUI will create one file for each TestStep and one for the whole TestCase
Log Interval How often (in milliseconds) the current statistics values should be written
Log on ThreadCount change Automatically logs statistics values before changing the number of threads

icon-options-dialog Launch LoadTest Runner

icon-settings-tab Basic Tab


Option Description
TestRunner Path  
Save Project Save the project before running
Save After Save the project after tests have been run
Add Settings Adds global settings to command line
Project Password Password of the project
user-settings.xml Password  

icon-settings-tab Overrides Tab


Option Description
ThreadCount Number of thread
Username Username of LoadTestRunner
Password Password of LoadTestRUnner
Domain Domain of LoadTestRunner
WSS Password Type  

icon-settings-tab Reports Tab


Option Description
Print Report Create a report in a specified folder
Root Folder Determine the root folder
Report to Generate  
Report Format(s) Determine the format of report generated

icon-settings-tab Properties Tab


Option Description
Global Properties  
System Properties  
Project Properties  

icon-settings-tab Custom Args tab


Option Description
Tool Args  

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Properties


Option Description
Name Name of the LoadTest
Description Description of the LoadTest