This page contains information on standalone SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with ReadyAPI.
To try advanced load testing functionality, feel free to download a ReadyAPI trial.

LoadTest Strategies

The following LoadTest Strategies are currently available:

Option Description
Simple TestCase execution with a configurable delay
Variance TestCase execution varying the number of threads over time
Burst TestCase execution in "bursts"
Thread TestCase execution with a fixed thread count modification
Grid Defines a custom variation of thread count (ReadyAPI only)
Script Lets a groovy script control the number of threads (ReadyAPI only)
Fixed-Rate Execute a TestCase at a fixed rate (ReadyAPI only)

Since multiple LoadTests with different strategies can be created one could for

Simple Strategy


Option Description
Test Delay Sets a delay between each TestCase run
Random Sets how much of the delay to randomize

Variance Strategy


Option Description
Interval Sets the duration of each variance cycle in seconds
Variance Sets how much the thread-count should be varied during the cycle

Burst Strategy


Option Description
Burst Delay Sets the delay between each burst
Burst Duration Sets duration for each burst

Thread Strategy


Option Description
Start Threads Sets the number of threads to start with
End Threads Sets the number of threads to end with

Grid Strategy icon-pro


Option Description
Configure Open Grid Strategy Dialog

icon-options-dialog Grid Strategy Dialog


Option Description
Elapsed Time Length of time elapsed
ThreadCount Number of thread

Script Strategy


Option Description
Configure Open Script Strategy Dialog

icon-options-dialog Script Strategy Dialog


Option Description ShortCut
Undo Undo an action Ctrl+Z / Cmd - Z
Redo Redo an action Ctrl+Y / Cmd - Y
Cut Cut a text Ctrl+X / Cmd - X
Copy Copy a text Ctrl+C / Cmd - C
Paste Paste a text Ctrl+V / Cmd - V
Clear Clear all text in the editor
Select All Select all text in the editor Ctrl+A / Cmd - A
Find/Replace Find or replace text F3
Go To Line Go to Line number in the editor Ctrl+Alt+L / Cmd - L
Show Line Numbers Show Line number in the editor Alt+L / Cmd - L

Fixed-Rate Strategy icon-pro


Option Description
Rate Sets the number of TestCases to run per second
Max Threads Sets the maximum number of threads to use
Request level If checked, the rate is applied to each TestRequest instead of TestCase