LoadTest Window

NOTE: This page contains information on standalone SoapUI Pro that has been replaced with ReadyAPI. To try enhanced load testing functionality, feel free to download a ReadyAPI trial from our website.

Overview - LoadTest Window


Component Description
01 LoadTest Toolbar Overall control of the LoadTest Project
02 Strategy Bar Control the LoadTest strategy
03 Statistics Table Display the statistic data in table form
04 LoadTest Log Examine the current LoadTest execution log
05 LoadTest Assertion Examine the assertions of current LoadTest
06 Setup Script Setup a script before the TestCase begins
07 TearDown Script Setup a script after the TestCase ends
08 Report Script Setup a script when generating TestCase Report
09 Report Parameters Examine the Report properties

LoadTest Toolbar


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Toolbar Buttons

Option Description
run Run Starts the LoadTest as described under LoadTest Execution
stop_testcase Cancel Cancels an ongoing LoadTest
stats_graph Statistics Graph Show the Statistics Graph for the LoadTest
samples_graph Statistics History Graph Show the Statistics History Graph for the LoadTest
reset_loadtest Reset Statistics Resets the statistics for an ongoing LoadTest
options Options Shows the LoadTest Options dialog
export Export Statistics Prompts to export the current LoadTest Statistics to a comma separated file
help-browser Limit Settings Sets the limit for the LoadTest as described in the Execution document
The far right contains a Progress Bar displaying the progress (in percent) of the current LoadTest execution

Strategy Bar


icon-loadtest-toolbar Strategy Bar Options

Option Description
Threads Sets the number of threads to be used.
Strategy Choose a LoadTest Strategy.
Test Delay The time in milliseconds between each batch of requests.
Random The random factor of the Test Load. With a Test Delay of 600 ms and a Random factor of 0.5, the actual delay will be uniformly distributed between 300 ms and 600 ms. The actual delay can thus be calculated as TestDelay - RandomNumberBetween( 0, TestDelay*Random ).

The following LoadTest Strategies are currently available:

Name Description
Burst TestCase execution in "bursts"
Script Lets a groovy script control the number of threads (ReadyAPI only)
Simple TestCase execution with a configurable delay
Variance TestCase execution varying the number of threads over time
Grid Defines a custom variation of thread count (ReadyAPI only)
Fixed-Rate Execute a TestCase at a fixed rate (ReadyAPI only)
Thread TestCase execution with a fixed thread count modification

Statistics Table


icon-properties-table During execution, the following statistics are periodically collected and displayed in the Statistics Table:

Option Description
Test Step Sets the startup delay for each thread (in milliseconds), setting to 0 will start all threads simultaneously.
min The shortest time the step has taken (in milliseconds).
max The longest time the step has taken (in milliseconds).
avg The average time for the test step (in milliseconds).
last The last time for the test step (in milliseconds).
cnt The number of times the test step has been executed.
tps The number of transactions per second for the test step, see Calculation of TPS/BPS below.
bytes The number of bytes processed by the test step.
bps The bytes per second processed by the test step.
err The number of assertion errors for the test step.
rat Failed requests ratio (the percentage of requests that failed).

Statistics Table Actions

Right-click on any row of statistics table to open the action menu.


icon-right-click Statistics Table Actions' option

Option Description
Max Errors Asserts the total number of errors
Step Average Asserts a steps average
Step TPS Asserts a steps TPS
Step Maximum Asserts a steps max time
Step Status Asserts a steps status

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Log Tab

icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Log Tab – Toolbar

The top toolbar contains the following actions (left-to-right):

Option Description
clear_errors Remove Errors removes all errors from the LoadTest Log
export Export prompts to export the current LoadTest log to a file
Show Types filter filters which type of errors/messages that should be shown in the log
Show Steps filter filters which steps that should be shown in the log

icon-properties-table LoadTest Log Tab – Table

The table is sortable by clicking the column-header for the column to be sorted on. A label under the table displays the number of rows currently in the table.

Column Description
Time Date and Time of log entry
Type Type of log entry
Step TestStep when logging occurs
Message Error message

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Assertions Tab


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Assertions Tab – Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the tab contains the following actions (left-to-right):

Option Description
addAssertion Add Assertion Prompts to add and configure a new LoadTest Assertion
remove_assertion Remove Assertion Prompts to remove the currently selected assertion
options Configure Shows the options for the currently selected assertion

icon-properties-table LoadTest Assertions Tab – Table

Option Description
Name Configured name of the assertion
Step Target step for the assertion
Details Detailed information on the assertion

LoadTest Assertions Table Popup Menu


Icons Option Description
options Configure Configure selection assertion
addAssertion Add Assertion Add an assertion to this LoadTest
remove_assertion Remove Assertion Remove an assertion from this LoadTest

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Setup Script Tab


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Setup Script Tab – Toolbar

icon-properties-table LoadTest Setup Script Tab – Editor

icon-settings-tab LoadTest TearDown Script Tab


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest TearDown Script Tab – Toolbar

icon-properties-table LoadTest TearDown Script Tab – Editor

Note: Setup Script, TearDown Script and Report Script are using the same script editor.

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Report Script Tab

LoadTest Report Script Inspector (Pro)


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Report Script Tab - Toolbar

Option Description
Edit Insert the code at carat

icon-properties-table LoadTest Report Script Tab - Editor

Setup Script, TearDown Script and Report Script use the same script editor.

icon-settings-tab LoadTest Report Parameters Tab icon-pro


icon-loadtest-toolbar LoadTest Report Parameters Tab – Toolbar

Icon Option Description
add_property Add Property Ctrl/Add a property to the property list-C
remove_property Remove Property Remove the select property from the property list
up_arrow Move up Move selected property up one row
down_arrow Move down Move selected property down one row
arrow_down Sort Properties Sort Properties alphabetically
clear_properties Clear all values Clear all current property value
set_properties_source Load property value Load property value from an external file
set_properties_target Save current property value Save current property value to a file

icon-properties-table LoadTest Report Parameters Tab – Table

Column Description
Name Name of the Parameter
Value Value of the Parameter