The AMF Request Window


  Option Description
1_snag_evi Toolbar Overall control of the Amf Request Test Step
2_snag_evi Endpoint and AMF call fields Fileds for specifying endpoint and AMF call
3_snag_evi AMF parameters table AMF parameters table, order of parameters coresponds to order of called method parameters
4_snag_evi Initialisation script editor Script for initialising complex type parameters and amfHeaders. This script runs before AMF call.
5_snag_evi Http headers table Http Headers of AMF message
6_snag_evi AMF headers table AMF Headers of AMF message
7_snag_evi Response tab Place where your response is, in various formats
8_snag_evi Response http headers table Http Headers of AMF response message
9_snag_evi Response AMF headers table AMF Headers of AMF response message



  Option Description
run Run test step Submit request to specified endpoint URL
abort-request abort call Aboorts ongoing call
addAssertion Add assertion Adds an assetion to this item

Endpoint and AMF call fields


Option Description
Endpoint Field for specifying endpoint to AMF server
AMF Call Field for specifying AMF call

AMF parameters table


  Option Description
add_property Add Adds a parameter to the parameters list
remove_property Remove Removes the selected parameter from the parameters list
up_arrow Move Up Moves selected parameter up one row
down_arrow Move Down Moves selected parameter down one row
clear_properties Clear Clears all current parameter values
load_properties Load Loads parameter values from an external file
set_properties_target Save Saves current parameter values to a file

Initialisation script editor


Option Description
log log variable is available for logging through groovy script
context context variable
parameters parameters variable is used for initiallising complex type call method parameters
amfHeaders amfHeaders variable is used for initiallising complex type AMFHeaders

Http headers table


  Option Description
add_property Add http header Add http header property
remove_property Remove http header Remove selected http header property

AMF headers table


  Option Description
add_property Add amf header Add amf header property
remove_property Remove amf header Remove selected amf header property

Response tab


  Option Description
1_snag_evi XML Xml view of response
2_snag_evi Raw Raw view of response
3_snag_evi Outline Outlined view of response
4_snag_evi Overview Owerview of response

Response http headers table


Response AMF headers table