Plugin Repository

Plugin Repository

The Plugin Repository displays the currently installed plugins and manage, install or remove plugins.

Plugin Repository

Column Description
Name Name of plugin.
Version Available version of the plugin.
Installed Installed version of the plugin.
Description Short description of the plugin.
Web Page Home web page for the plugin.

If a plugin has a never version available, the Install/Upgrade Plugin button is available.

Install or upgrade plugin from repository

1: Select a plugin from the list

2: Click Install/Upgrade Plugin

Install Confirmation

A confirmation dialog is displayed.

3: Click Yes to download the plugin

Download Confirmation

During the download, a progress indicator is shown.

When the download is done, installation is done automatically.

Install Done

When the install has finished, a message is shown indicating this.

Updated List

Note: You may have to close the repository and reopen it to see the updated information. In any case, we recommend you restart SoapUI after removing or installing plugins.