Plugin Browser

Plugin Browser

The Plugin browser displays the currently installed plugins and manage, install or remove plugins.

Plugin Browser

Table Columns

Column Description
Name Name of plugin.
Version Available version of the plugin.
Description Short description of the plugin.


Button Description
Browse Plugin Repository Open the plugin repository.
Load plugin from file Install previously downloaded plugin.
Uninstall Plugin Uninstall plugin.
Close Close the browser.

Install plugin from repository

1: Click Browse Plugin Repository

2: Follow the instructions in plugin repository

Install plugin from file

Prerequisite: a downloaded plugin file (unpacked).

1: Click Load plugin from file

2: Browse to the file and select the file

Browsing for plugin file

3: Click OK

Install done

4: Click Close

5: Restart SoapUI

Remove plugin

1: Click Uninstall Plugin

Confirm Installation

A confirmation message is displayed.

2: Click Yes

Uninstall done

3: Click Close

4: Restart SoapUI