Submit Plugin to Repository

Add your plugin to the repository

Once you’ve built your plugin, we can make it available in ReadyAPI’s user interface, which means that ReadyAPI users will be able to find and install your plugin quickly and easily.

In order to have your extension plugin added to the repository, you need to:

  1. Change the .jar file to .zip (to avoid getting blocked by mail filters)
  2. Attach the file to an email
  3. Provide additional information in the email
  4. Send everything to

Additional Information

Plugin for repository

In order to add the plugin to the repository, we need the following information:


The creator identifies who made the plugin this can be your name or your company.

Plugin Name

The name of the plugin is displayed in the SoapUI Plugin Manager. Make it as descriptive as you can.

Plugin Description

The plugin description will be displayed inside SoapUI Plugin Manager. A short description of what the plugin does is enough.

Read More URL

The read more URL should be a link to a webpage containing a fuller description and information about the plugin.

Source Code

In order to do a code review, we also need access to the source code.

Please provide a link to the source code repository, or attach source files to the email.