Here comes a walk-through of how to install the soapUI Plugin in NetBeans 6.0;

  • Start by downloading the nbm distribution from SourceForge into a temporary folder.
  • Be sure to remove any existing installation of the soapUI plugin and any associated files. Failure to do so will most likely cause installation / execution problems.
  • Start NetBeans and select the "Tools / Plugins" menu item
  • Switch to the "Downloaded" tab and select the "Add Plugins..." button to browse to the downloaded nbm file

Add soapUI Plugin in NetBeans

* Once the file has been selected, NetBeans will display module information as follows:

soapUI Module information in NetBeans

* Now select the "Install" button at the bottom, NetBeans will install the plugin over a series of steps, including a confirmation to install an unsigned plugin. Just select "Continue" until you get to the final screen:

soapUI Plugin installed in NetBeans

* The plug-in has now been installed and can be seen in the "Installed" tab:

soapUI Plugin installed view in NetBeans

* After select OK to close the dialog, the soapUI installation can further be confirmed via the Tools/soapUI menu; if it shows up, the installation seems to have gone ok:

soapUI Plugin menu choice in NetBeans